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Ceramic Tiles : Glazed Ceramic Tiles 101

by Tiles Online on November 13, 2012

Glazed Ceramic Tiles 101

ceramic tiles Glazed ceramic tiles have been in a category all their own – in truth five diverse groups. When selecting ceramic tiles for an area of the house, give thought to what that area will probably be used for, then match up against the rating system to decide on a proper tile with appropriate surface abrasion resistance.

Classes of Glazed Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles could have a rating of 0-4 or 1-5, depending on the source. The durability of the tile and its scratch resistance is exactly what is being suggested for that rating. Look at the latter, 1-5 rating system.

In class 1 are tiles which will see no action, which means they are inside a no-traffic area. Where can it be found? Except if Spider-man lives within your house, that would mean making use of this tile on walls only. To embellish your bathroom walls, you could utilize them. Anywhere where bare feet or slippers would reduce the abrasion to the ceramic tile surface, those where there is light traffic, is where class2 tiles are used. Soiling of the tiles is anticipated, but the main concern is the aesthetic benefit of these tiles. The vibrant colored and shiny ceramic tiles fit in with these types.

Then what about of class 3? Most residential rooms are using this class. Class 4 tiles might be seen at an office building, a shopping center, possibly even a showroom where there will be light commercial traffic. Class 5 has got the toughest surface of all of them, where resistance to scratching is the prime concern and aesthetic appeal is secondary. These ceramic tiles get the most abuse, used in airports, subways, fast food restaurants and so on.

How To Tell If a Tile is Glazed or Unglazed

You needn’t be a professional to tell apart between a glazed and unglazed tile. So that you can see it in profile, just grab the tile and turn it to the side. The body of the tile, known as the bisque, will be the largest layer. The tile is glazed if you notice two layers. Most likely the tile is unglazed when the only one layer is visible.

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