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Tiles : The Installation Of Ceramic Floor Tiles

by Tiles Online on June 8, 2013

The Installation Of Ceramic Floor Tiles

ceramic tiles You have prepared the floor, laid the subflooring, and you are now worried to get creative. Much like in the other two steps, you will want all the correct equipments prior to laying your floor tiles.

Tools of the Trade

Lots of the required tools you currently had for the other two steps, except for, naturally, floor tiles. You will also require the same polymer thin-set mortar you accustomed to lay your subfloor, buckets for mixing the thin-set with water, a drill plus a mixing paddle, your trusty tape-measure, pencil and square. You also need to have a rubber mallet plus a level and tile spacers. A tile cutter or saw will probably be required to trim the tiles. Rubber work gloves, knee pads and safety goggles are recommended for your protection.

You may want aluminum angles for the doorways in which the tiling finishes. That’s good for finishes.

With each device or chemical substance used, always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and inform yourself of any relevant building codes.

Just in case there’s a small color variance between each box, take tiles from different boxes and mix them together before laying the tiles.

Mix the thin-set according to the recommended consistency, then starting at the cross section on the middle of the room, spread the thin-set with a trowel in a one meter by one meter area and try to not cover your reference lines. Then comb the mortar with the notched fringe of the trowel at a 45 degree angle. Without making swirl patterns, comb it one way. Utilize the trowel to grab any excess and send it back to the bucket.

Along the guide lines, start laying the tiles. Press them down softly with a small twist and make use of spacers. Have a look to see if each tile is adhering well by lifting one up. When there is little or no adhesive around the tile, combine with the trowel. If this goes on, have a trowel with larger notches.

Soon after concluding one section, make use of the level to make sure the tiles are even. To even them out, make use of the mallet. For edges near cabinets, etc, cut the tiles.

This stage is going to be finished before you know it as you keep laying the tiles.

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