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Granite : Is It The Best?

by Tiles Online on January 31, 2013


Old is gold as the adage goes. When you take a look at all of the advantages it has to offer over its other, more affordable competitors, granite is sure well worth its weight in gold. It comes with a warranty signed by Mother Nature. It’s also the best buy that tile producers are offering – it’s not custom-made to your choice.

Granite is the densest and strong natural stone on the planet. That’s a big statement to make. Why can we make that claim? Simply because granite is born out of volcanoes and is given its stunning shape by tremendous pressure and heat.

What kinds of colors do they come in? Dark colors like black, some colors of grey and also pink. That means you’re sure to find something to complement your home décor. Buildings or objects made using granite in ancient times still stand even today. That’s how amazing these tiles are!

The Advantages of Granite

Here are some advantages of using granite tiles:

• It’s weather resistant, scratch-proof and does not corrode.
• Hard – Due to its hardness, it’s a suitable selection for areas with heavy traffic.
• Beautiful – the patterns on each tile is one of a kind owing to the fact it’s a natural rock.

Another additional benefit is that it is maintenance friendly and does not fade easily. Think of all the money you save on cleaning products!

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